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By definition, medical waste is any material or instrument that may have come in close contact with bodily fluids or infectious materials. With such a broad definition, it’s easy to understand the need for extensive rules to regulate the treatment and containment of medical waste management in Ohio. A number of governing agencies are trying to work together and navigate the intricacies of the medical waste disposal process in Ohio. These intricacies are best split in two categories - the disposal of medical sharps or needles and other medical waste disposal.

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Because needles and other sharp instruments may have been inserted directly into the body, they must be treated with more care and concern. These instruments have a higher risk of infection and contamination, they need to be discarded in one of two ways.

Any medical waste outside of "sharps" is disposed of through incineration. The material or substance of concern is simply put in an oven that reaches incredible temperatures to render the waste unrecognizable. The specifics of this process differ from state to state.

Some Ohio officials have raised concerns about the emissions created by the incinerators. These concerns have led to other options being made available for medical waste management in Ohio. Some of these options include thermal treatment, steam sterilization, electropyrolysis, chemical mechanical systems, among others. As with incineration, the specific directions for these processes are created and upheld by local officials.

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It’s important to remember that medical waste can and does pose a significant potential threat to both people and the environment. So the standards and procedures set forth by any governing body must be followed to ensure safety and security for all.

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